Kansas Black Leadership Council – KBLC

Wichita, Kansas, United States


(316) 202-8232

The Kansas Black Leadership Council is a relatively new organization formed out of a desire to ensure the voice and the position of the state’s African-American community are clearly heard on issues we find important. 

Our plan is to strongly advocate for issues we feel are of  primary importance to our community and to lend our voice in support of other issues and organizations, where our interests intercept. 

It’s a united approach for Kansas’ Black community.

• The main goal of the Kansas Black Leadership Council  is to advocate for the adoption of policies on a state and local level that positevly impact Kansas’ African-American community.  

•For the second year, KBLC will adopt a platform on issues of importance to Kansas’ African-American Community at aPlatform Convention. 

• Like other groups, our platform will be forwarded to elected officials, and the media.  It will also be posted online, with back-up literature for everyone to read and understand.

• The position of Black Kansans will be clearly communicated.

• Help us bring our issues and concerns to the forefront.

• Come learn about and discuss Kansas issues, at our free Platform Convention on Oct. 1, 2016 at the Junction City Opera House.  

•  During the 2016 legislative session, and again in the 2017 session, we’ll lobby for and support our issues during the  session.  Learn more about our 2016 efforts.

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