Business Development

Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

How to start a small business 

This packet is evaluated and updated on a quarterly basis.

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SER MUJER Program 

SER MujerThe program is offered both in a traditional workshop setting including online and mobile app delivery format. This will allow the non-traditional learner who may only be able to access the program after hours. Some individuals may also find a more positive experience by accessing a hybrid of the program: some classroom instruction with online availability. In both cases, qualified program staff are providing case management and follow up to ensure progress is being accomplished by every participant.


Starting a Kansas Nonprofit Corporation

The Secretary of State’s office is a filing agency and does not provide legal guidance.

Start a Non-Profit

Operating a Non-Profit


Business Funding Opportunities

Shawnee Startups  Network Kansas   

Topeka/Shawnee County First Opportunity Fund (Go Topeka)

This links to the PDF of the current application form and provide all supporting materials. (We provide a checklist of what you’ll need, which includes a business plan, financial statements and details about operations.)


Topeka Community FoundationImpact Investing Opportunity

Impact Investing provides a loan, equity investment or guarantee to nonprofits, for-profits, and intermediary partners, with the central purpose of social good that also provides a financial return.

An Impact Investment can be a loan, equity investment or guarantee that advances the mission of the Topeka Community Foundation, generates measurable community impact and achieves some sort of financial return. Many local Impact Investments are made at rates of return that prioritize community impact.



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