530 Northwest Broad Street, Topeka, Kansas 66608, USA

Please contact us if you need work done outside our primary area. We can help!


Kansas Door Company is your local commercial door dealer and service company. My team and I have more than 30 years of experience in commercial doors, automatic doors, storefront doors, and windows. Over the years we have built up expertise in specialty doors and custom requests.

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Experienced professional consultation, installation, repair, and service.

//img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/fe226b46-5908-4b7a-8771-45d0cc00b3a7/20190412_112558.jpg/:/rs=w:1300,h:800We pride ourselves on being the best in in the business for installation, service, sales, repair for commercial doors, door-related products, and associated services. The goal of Kansas Door Company is to provide high quality products and services that are readily available, reliable, and economical.


At Kansas Door Company we offer a Planned Maintenance Agreement as a budget conscious way for you to maintain your pedestrian doors. The service provided is on time, convenient, and affordable. Planned, regular, professional maintenance will extend the life of your entry doors, and help prevent unexpected breakdowns. It also insures optimal energy saving benefits from your entryways.


Owner: Randy Wainright
Project Manager: Adam Meyers

Servicing the entire state of Kansas as well and territories in the surrounding states, we are currently based in Topeka.

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