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The Topeka Peace and Justice Center, Inc. is and has always been a small organization starting with only volunteers and graduated to having one paid employee for several years. We have always relied on community volunteers to educate about and promote solutions for peace and justice issues. Collaboration has always been a critical strategy to respond to problems. No one agency can take on the scope and depth of social issues by itself.


Topeka Center of Peace and Justice is currently working to bring restorative justice practices to elementary and middle schools in our area.  We are working directly with the district attorney’s office to offer victim/offender mediation services to juveniles, Shawnee County and Court Services. Giving them the opportunity to learn from mistakes and hear from those who are affected by these mistakes. Providing an opportunity to move forward as part of the community rather than becoming repeat offenders.  We work with the University of Kansas to offer Parent /Youth Facilitation in hopes of keeping families together by listening to the needs of the family and assisting them in communication.

Topeka Center for Peace and Justice announces violence reduction strategy 

Executive Director: Pastor Carl Frazier




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