STAR Employee Discount Program

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The STAR Employee Discount Program offers state employees product and service discounts offered by various vendors throughout the state

STAR Discount Program

State of Kansas Employee Discount Program:

The STAR Employee Discount Program offers state employees product and service discounts offered by various vendors throughout the state. In addition, the program offers appropriate vendors the opportunity to have their business listed within this website for state employees to view, simply by offering a discount. For more detailed information, please access the employee discount Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions, which is intended to assist all employees.

All businesses that wish to participate in this program must complete the STAR Employee Discount Program Vendor Application Form located on our website. Prior to submitting the form, all vendors must review the STAR Employee Discount policy. All appropriate businesses are encouraged to apply to be listed on this website.

Program Overview:

To express appreciation to the valued service that employees of state government provide, the Division of Personnel along with other state agencies, developed a State Employee Discount Program. The State Thanks And Recognition (STAR) project is an employee discount program designed to provide state employees with the opportunity to take advantage of their employment status by receiving discounts on goods and services. The STAR project will showcase discounts and local deals that are available to all state employees (possible limitations or restrictions may be applied). These discounts may be used solely at the discretion of each employee.

Requirements for Receipt of Discount:

Vendors’ requirements to receive discounts may vary and can include coupons, flyers, and/or presentation of your State of Kansas Employee ID card. Typically, all you have to do is present your State Employee ID card to receive your discount. In most instances, a valid State Employee ID card is the requirement for receipt of the discount; however, since there are some employees who do not have a State Employee ID card, a current print-out from the self-service website for your paycheck, or your Kansas Group Health Insurance card should be acceptable.

If you have any questions on the STAR Employee Discount Program or need assistance with any portion of this application, please email  

The State of Kansas reserves the right to decline any business from participating in this program.

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